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PowerMidiVerb4 is an editor/librarian/program selector/front end that makes your Alesis MidiVerb 4 even more fun and powerful. It gives you instant access to all of your MidiVerb's programs and features, with the best interface around. Take a look at the manual for screen shots and a guide to using PowerMidiVerb4:

PowerMidiVerb4 uses MIDI-OX, an excellent, free Midi tool, to interface with your MidiVerb. See Setting up PowerMidiVerb4.

PowerMidiVerb4 is distributed as shareware. It is fully functional for a 45 day period. It costs $20 US to register.

For fixes for known bugs, click here.

Try Jambient, the Rhythm that Refreshes and Does not Crush

Jambient uses a joystick to sculpt sound in 16 channels simultaneously. The result is unlike any other computer based musical instrument - a way to create sounds live - from the DJ booth, onstage or at your workstation - that would be difficult or impossible to create in a studio. Features: