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Downloading IndexAssistant

Download the demo version of IndexAssistant by clicking here. See version history below.

To install, run the self-extracting archive to place the files in a directory on your computer (C:\Program Files\IndexAssistant is recommended). Then use Word to open the manual and follow the directions for installation including the directions about macro security settings; the manual contains macros that copy IndexAssistant files into the appropriate Word directories.

A note about security:

Installation is done through Word macros contained in the manual, and IA is programmed in Word’s macro language. To install and run IA, you therefore need to set Word’s macro security settings to medium (Tools>Macro>Security in Word 2000 and higher; macro setting in Tools>Option in Word 97). If your settings have not already been set to medium, then you will need to reopen the manual before trying to use the install process below. And when you open this document, you need to tell Word to enable the macros in it.

Note about Word macro security: On the medium security setting, Word will trust macros contained in your user templates or start up template directories, which is where IA will be installed. For all other documents Word will ask whether its macros should be enabled. These are precautions against macro viruses. Do not install any Word documents that you do not trust in your user templates or start up template directories.

Version History

0.8: Initial release

0.8.1: Improvements to documentation, Mark All function, and text selection algorithm