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Other Academic Software by David Morris
Links to SplitNotes for Word (freeware to split endnotes from a manuscript and put them in a separate file) and Ponty, a concordance program for Merleau-Ponty's Phenomenology of Perception.
American Society of Indexers: Software for Indexing
Another helpful site that defines different types of indexing software, and has links to various software products. Compare IndexAssistant to the other tools available.

Martin Tulic: Software for Indexing

This is the site of a professional indexer who discusses the various sorts of software available for indexing. IndexAssistant helps with embedded indexing in Word. As Tulic notes, the disadvantage of embedded indexing is that "The major disadvantage is that embedded indexing is often more time-consuming than other computer-assisted approaches to indexing, especially when editing the index. That is partly due to the fact that the index is not visibly updated as entries are added one after another." IndexAssistant makes the entries in your index visible throughout the building process.

Allegro Indexing: Indexing in Word
Another professional indexing site that has some helpful things to say about indexing in Word--and points out the laboriousness of indexing page ranges, which IndexAssistant greatly simplifies.