Bug Report

BEFORE GOING ANY FURTHER: If Jambient refuses to run, make sure you have DirectX 7.0a or higher installed.

Please! Before you report a bug, see if your problem appears in the known bugs listed below.

To report a bug, please email jambientBugs@cogeco.ca. To help us, in your email, please specify:

  • jambient version
  • Windows version
  • DirectX version
  • Sound card
  • RAM
  • Processor & speed
If the bug is repeatable, please specify what makes it happen.

Since we don't like bugs, if you report a significant new bug, we may send you a free unlock code.


VB6 runtimes are required for Simtel distributions: If you downloaded an installer package from Simtel.Net, or downloaded it via Download.com, ZDNet.com, etc., and it will not run, make sure you have installed the Visual Basic 6 runtimes. These are available on Simtel. Search for "VB6 runtime", look for a package that is currently called "simvb6_7.zip." Download and install it. Then install jambient. (The installer on Simtel does not include the runtime in order to make the package smaller.)

VB6STKIT Missing: In the course of making the light installer for Simtel (jamb7p30.zip and jmbt0p9.zip), we introduced a small bug. This has been corrected in jamb7p3b.zip and jmbt0p9b.zip, so you can get around this bug by downloading the updated files, or the full installer directly from our site.

If you've got the earlier, uncorrected version, and you don't want to download the file again, you can fix the problem yourself:

  • Open up the Notepad application
  • Navigate to the directory where you unpacked jambient, and open the file setup.lst
  • Go down to the [BOOTSTRAP] section
  • Delete the semicolon at the beginning of the first line ";File1=@VB6STKIT.DLL...", so that it reads "File1=@VB6STKIT.DLL,..."
  • Save setup.lst
  • Restart the installation process.
  • jambient 0.9.0 hangs when starting up in WinXP or Win2000 with error "C:\Program Files\jambient\jambient.exe" doesn't exist. Go here for a fix. We don't yet have an XP environment to do thorough testing.
  • jambient 0.8.1 would crash when scripts were started. This is fixed in 0.9.0 and up.
  • Versions of jambientFREE prior to 0.7.30 may occasionally crash and exit jambient when you click on the background of the 3d pad. Download the most recent version of jambientFREE to fix this problem.
  • Versions of jambient prior to 0.8.1 may hang when loading corrupted jam files. Download the most recent version of jambient to fix this problem.