Jambient is shareware, and your registered version is a tested application that we've done our best to make as good as can be. The low cost of the registration doesn't allow us to offer user support (answering questions about how to play jambient) as part of the fee. But we want to squash all bugs and make sure that jambient will run on your machine, so if you find a bug or run into a problem getting jambient to run, please let us know through our bugs page. With registration, registered users will receive an email address for basic technical support; this is for handling problems with registration keys, installation, etc.

If you play Jambient in a performance or music studio environment, and need support, we're considering offering support contracts; if you're interested, let us know.

The other possibility is visiting our message board, where other Jambient users may assist you, whether its in getting started, or in developing playing techniques.