A quick introduction to the main elements in Jambient.

How to...

Instructive, Step-by-step guides to operations in Jambient


Jambient has its own ideas about some things


Each of the main windows and Features of Jambient Described


Where loading and unloading samples in Jambient takes place

LoopTrack Panel

The main operation area of Jambient

Selector   - LoopTrack Letters   - Play Mode   - Play Button   - Volume Slider   - Popup and Palette   - Volume Knob   - Pitch Knob   - Pan Knob   - Wires   - Thumb

Master Panel

Controlling multiple loops of sound simultaneously, and some global operations performed in this panel - one of the most powerful parts of the program

Mix Pad Tab

Where the Joystick Action takes place

Mix Pad   - Twist

3d Map Tab

Jamming in Sonic Space

Patterns Tab

Controlling and randomly modifying the way that samples play

Options Tab

General Preferences for Jambient, and the playing environment

last modified 10-29-200