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Help & Mouse Operations

In most windows there is a status bar at the bottom that tells you a little about what a control can do and how to use it; just move your mouse over a control and watch the status bar. The information in the status bar uses the abbreviations specified below for mouse operations.

In the bottom right hand corner of the status bar there is a question mark. Click on this and drag to a control to get help on that control, or let go to cancel this mode. To get help on the Options tab, click on the question mark in its upper right hand corner.

Mouse Operations & Conventions for Documenting Them

Jambient using the following mouse operations and abbreviations for them:

Click (clk): press and release the primary mouse button

Double click (dblclk): press and release the primary mouse button twice in quick succession

Right click (rtclk): press and release the secondary mouse button

Drag (drg): press the primary mouse button, move it to another control, dragging something with it, and then release. In the case of knobs and similar controls, move the mouse up and down while holding the mouse button, to adjust the setting on a knob.

Right Drag (rtdrg): drag using the secondary button. On knobs this is used to make fine adjustments. When dragging, the control that you start from is called the source; the control that you drop on is called the target or destingation.

IMPORTANT Left hand and right handed mice: If your mouse is set up for right handed use, then the primary mouse button is on the left, and the secondary mouse button is on the right. That is, you  "right click" with the right button. If your mouse is set up for left handed use, then the buttons are reversed: you  "right click" with the left button on the mouse. You may want to set up your mouse for left handed use if you are using a joystick, since most joysticks do not work well as left handed devices.

last modified 10-29-200