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Jambient comes in two versions:

The full version is trialware, giving you 30 days of free and fully functional use after you first run it. It lets you mix 16 LoopTracks, takes advantage of twist functionality on 3-d joysticks, has more Sample Bins, lets you manipulate Bands of LoopTracks, and has cool scripting capacities.

The current version of jambient is 0.9.0.

Download the full version at Simtel or Harmony Central.

KNOWN BUG: Jambient hangs when starting up in Win 2000/XP. Click here for a fix.

You can unlock jambient and use it eternally by purchasing a key from RegNow. Registration costs just $50 USD.

jambientFREE is a freeware version that only lets you mix 4 LoopTracks, has a limited number of Sample Bins, and doesn't have the features listed above.

The current version of jambientFREE is 0.7.30; there are no plans for future development of jambientFREE.

Download the free version at Simtel or Harmony Central. If you don't already have the Visual Basic 6 runtime installed, you will need to get it; Simtel has a copy here.


By downloading and using jambient, you agree to the terms of its license.

What's New and Revision History

Click here to see what's new in the current release.



Click here to get the Processing files for the jambientNematodes Reaktor ensemble.


Click here to get the Processing files for the jambientImageTxtToTable Reaktor ensemble.