What's new in the latest release of jambient, v 0.9

The help file now includes a graphical Quick Guide which gives an overview of using jambient, as well as Flash Tutorials and most of the graphics that we eventually want to put into the file. As well, there are various bug fixes.

Revision history:


  • First released version
  • Fixed bug: save/ save as didn't properly update name of jam file displayed in title bar
  • Fixed bug: opening scripts would crash jambient; this was due to misleading documentation from Microsoft re. security issues (honest!) and is now fixed
  • Other minor fixes
  • Added graphical Quick Guide and Flash tutorials to help file


  • Fixed bug that could cause jambient to hang when loading a corrupted file.


  • Various cosmetic fixes
  • The version can be registered


  • Sample start now loads properly from file or clipboard
  • Patterns now refreshed when loading from clipboard
  • Patterns now clear when looptrack is emptied
  • Start up demo added
  • Fixed bug that could cause jambientFREE to crash when using 3dMap
  • (No further updates to jambientFREE)


  • Fixed bug with overflow in dialing knobs, which could cause a crash (Thanks to Andy)
  • Fixed some colour issues (Thanks to Andy)
  • Fixed incorrect rendering of panning in pad and knob (Thanks to Andy)
  • More stringent tests for scripting startup (Thanks to Andy)


  • Fixed bug in start up


  • Fixed bug with joystick axis assignment options
  • Installer now includes MFC42.DLL (Thanks to Andy)
  • Diagnostic test integrated into startup


  • Original beta release

sometimes a joystick
is more than just
a joystick

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