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What You Can Do With jambient

Make Jambient music

Jambient's main purpose is to be an instrument of sound that let you instantly play and explore sets of sounds in real time jams. This can result in quite beautifu (usually non-metrical) ambient style music. Build up a sample libary. Open jambient and gradually layer in a set of LoopTracks, play with their volume and pitch, move them around in the 3d map, explore them with the Listener, mix them with the Mix Pad. This is a new way of making sound into music.

Set up a jambient sound environment for beats

Use jambient to build up an ambient style backdrop for other music making. The Mix Pad and 3d Map are particularly useful--you can play your turntables and quickly change jambient's mix, and sound positions using the joystick. Or set up scripts that you can trigger with a mouse click.

jambient with others

jambient is an especially good complement to other ways of music making. It can bring in sounds that fill out live instruments and turntabling. In a jam, what others are doing can provoke the discovery of new links between sounds--things that you wouldn't have thought of on your own.

Audio collage and warping through sound space

Jambient is an excellent audio collage machine. It lets you tour the sample space on your hard drive, weaving a new sonic world--warp from rattlesnakes to bees buzzing to helicopters to wind to scratching vinyl.

Sound effects for radio or theatre

Jambient is particularly good for doing live sound effects because it quickly lets you load samples and explore your libary of sounds. You can instantly pick up the sounds you want and get them playing. Use it on radio shows, or in theatre.

Jambient's 3d effect are effective in theatrical settings or for radio plays--you can make your sound effects travel around with the actors across stage.

Script interactive sound environments and sound sculptures.

With jambient scripting, you can easily set up programs that cause sounds to interact with one another--for example, you can program jambient so that if you move LoopTrack A close to B in acoustic space, then A 'runs away,' or if the Listener moves to one corner, all sounds swarm around it. Or you can program relations between pitches, set up algorithms for touring through sounds, and so on. The only limits are your imagination, programming skills, and computer resources.

Algorithmic sample based music

Jambient's scripting feature can also let you program algorithimic music based on samples--something that (it seems) often requires high powered software available only at research institutions and that runs on unsual platforms.

last modified 10-29-200