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Performance Issues

If you run into noticable performance problems, try the following:

  1. Scripts are the most processor intensive part of jambient. If you are using them, try making them as simple as possible. If you are using event handlers, go to the Scripts subtab of the Options tab, and set jambient to update scripts less frequently. Or disable event handlers. See Scripting.
  2. 3d sound placement is also processor intensive, especially if your sound card does not handle 3d in hardware. In this case your main processor has to do all the 3d calculations. So try turning off 3d, or get a sound card that supports 3d, if you want to use it but your main processor can't handle it.
  3. Use smaller samples. If your sound card supports DirectX Sound, then it can handle sound processing in hardware--but only if the samples fit in its onboard memory.
  4. Load samples onto your hard drive--they will load much faster from there than from CD.
  5. You can also try turning down the timer resolution in the Options tab.
Also see: Requirements

last modified 10-29-200